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Download Bonnie

Here's where you get Bonnie - I hold the copyright, which you can safely ignore, but I would very much like you to give something back to the Bonnie community: namely, any new Bonnie binaries you build, and any interesting results you get.

To: Textuality . Bonnie

Sources and Binaries

This is just getting started, so we're a little thin on versions. Only you can fix that! In particular, I'm working on a Windows/NT version, but I'm having to learn NT as I go along, so contributions in that area would be really useful.

Source Code
bonnie.shar The Bonnie source code, in shar format. Download this onto any Unix system and type sh bonnie.shar
bonnie.tar.gz Archived and compressed; unpack this using gzip, then tar.
bonnie.sco.gz Binary for SCO Open Server Enterprise System Release 3.0