W3C SGML ERB Working Document Repository

These documents represent a snapshot of work under way in the World Wide Web Consortium SGML Editorial Review Board.

These documents are not official in any sense. They have not been approved by any body with any official standing, and do not represent the position of any consortium, company, other organization, or individual.

List of documents

Technical Resolution 1996-01: SGML ERB and WG Organization

External Communication 1996-01: Bootstrap Process for Specialized WG/ERB

Working Draft - Design Principles for XML

Working Draft - Features and Rules of ISO 8879: A Summary for Use in Discussions of the W3C SGML Working Group and Editorial Review Board

XML 1.0 Specification; Draft of November 14, 1996. Available in HTML, gzipped PostScript, zipped PostScript, gzipped RTF, and zipped RTF.