Prints of Tim’s Photographs

Prints may be purchased of most of the photographs which appear on Tim’s ongoing blog. Exceptions are those which are too small, or of insufficient quality, or are images for which we don’t hold the copyright.

The prints are available in many different sizes up to a maximum of 13"x19". Most of those which appear in the blog are at odd non-standard aspect ratios, which may create framing problems. Custom framing these odd-sized photos is easy and most shops produce work that looks great; unfortunately, the cost of this service may exceed that of the print. For the odd sizes, we can print to the edge of the paper or leave a white border.

For some photos, when it doesn’t destroy the composition, we will at no additional charge, offer to adjust aspect ratios to one of the standard sizes such as 5"x7" or 8½"x11". Or alternatively to print on a standard size with more white space on either the top/bottom or left/right.

Printing on a standard size allows you to mount the photo in an off-the-shelf frame such as you can purchase at any craft store. In fact, it’s also possible to mount non-standard sizes in some of those, the ones that press the photo between two panes of glass. These look quite good, as long as you don’t hang them right next to a nicely-done custom framing job.

We print on a Canon i9900 inkjet printer with Canon ink, and experiment with papers. Canon’s own are really very good, but we’ve also got a variety of Red River papers and Ilford “Galerie”. If you have a favorite paper we’d probably be happy to use it but might charge you extra if it’s really pricey. You can specify gloss, matte, or silk finish (but not all combinations of size and finish are available), or leave it up to us to judge what will work best for any particular photo.

At your request, the print can be signed by Tim in either the front margin (if any) or on the back. We also provide a provenance note briefly describing as much as is known about the photograph’s date, subject, and associated equipment.

At the moment (early 2010) the price for any print, at any size, on any paper we have in stock, is US$100. This price may change at any time without notice. Shipping is extra and charged at cost. We accept payment only by PayPal and only in advance.

You’re just buying a high-quality piece of paper with ink on it. You get no exclusivity or other special rights; in the unlikely event that demand develops, we might do a run of a million copies of the photograph we printed for you, and sell it on T-shirts in a seedy part of LA.

If you are interested, send email to identifying the photo and including any specifics about printing options. We usually find it takes a couple of back-and-forths by mail to settle the details.