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Bonnie is a benchmark which measures the performance of Unix file system operations. Bonnie is concerned with identifying bottlenecks; the name is a tribute to Bonnie Raitt, who knows how to use one.

Bonnie is not the biggest nor most comprehensive of such programs, but is unequaled (though I say so myself) in its combination of ease-of-use and usefulness-of-output.

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Everything from here on down is now obsolete. The latest Bonnie source code is at Google code. That version is discussed on my blog, in Bonnie 64 and Filesystem Lessons.


Bonnie's copyright is held by me, but I have given away unlimited rights to run, copy, modify, or otherwise use the software, subject only to some unenforceable moral obligations.

The purpose of this site is to serve as a source for all the versions of Bonnie, and a repository for Bonnie results for as large a possible a number of different computer/OS/hardware configurations. This site is operated by Textuality - check it out!

Description A description of what Bonnie measures, and how this is accomplished, along with advice on how to use the program and measure the results
Advice How to use Bonnie and interpret the results
Heeeere's Bonnie! Download the latest and greatest version of Bonnie
Bonnie's Disk Farm A compendium of all the Bonnie results anyone has ever reported.