Tower Builder

Fill out the form below, hit Build, and you should get a nice VRML tower back. A lot of tower/viewer combinations will start you out in the middle of the tower; obviously the right thing to do is embed this tower in your own scene.

Of course, with a bit of reverse engineering of this page's HTML, you can construct your own URL which will make a tower without having to fill out my form. Which is fine, except for:

So I suspect most times you'll want to fix up your tower, save it to a local file (and, I suggest, gzip it), and use it from there.

The colors have to be entered in VRML RGB style, comma separated: e.g. 0.3 0.7 .23415, .7 0.7234, 1.9 - decimal points required.

For the top texture, I've provided a guineau-pig:

Top Radius:
Plank Width:
Plank Height:
Path Width:
Side Colours:
Ramp Colours:
Top Texture: