The Perl/XML Software Architecture
Title Page Road Map Where to Get These Slides Who Am I? What Is Perl? What Perl Is What Perl Feels Like Reasons to Love Perl Reasons to Fear Perl Perl's Competitors Perl Today How to Learn Perl How to Get Perl (It's Free!) Some Perl Packages Introducing CPAN Packages When To Use Perl Good Reasons to Use Perl Good Reasons to Avoid Perl The Perl/XML Software Architecture How the Pieces Fit Together  XML Processor  - Creating a Parser  - Handling Tags  - Handling Text  - PIs & Comments  - The Default Handler  - Entity Declarations  - External Entity References  - Parsing Text!  Package  Package How the Pieces Fit Together Example 1 - Count Comments Declaring Handlers Event Handling Introducing Parser Object Methods Parser Object Method List Miscellaneous Options Namespace Processing Entity Control Multiple Documents in a Stream Switching Handlers XML::Parser Styles  Style  Style  Styles  Style  Style Turn Verse Numbers to Attributes There's More Than One Way To Do It! That Irritating <p> OK, Lose the <p>'s There's More Than One Way To Do It! Find Jesus! Build a Term List from the XML Spec Perl/XML Applications  Details  Application  Snippets  Snippets Conclusions Lessons Perl and XML are mainstream technology!